Book and Film Club

Book Club and Film Club return next week here at Cluny Library. See the details for each club below.

Student Book Club

First, Second and Third year book club will take place on Friday, 10 September in the library. Students will be assigned a book to read together within 2 weeks before coming back to talk to their peers about it.

TY, Fifth and Sixth year book club will take place on Friday, 17 of September. They will be taking part in a poster challenge to read titles on the “100 Book Bucket List” poster as found in the library. At each meeting, one of the listed books is picked and read within the two weeks before coming back to discuss.

For more information or to join book club, ask our librarian, Ms. Curtin, or email

Book club starts at 13:10 in the library and rotates each week.

Student Film Club

Film Club returns on Tuesday, 07 September at lunchtime in the library!

At film club we watch and chat about movies. At each club meeting, a movie is assigned for the next meeting. Films normally selected are adaptations of books and literature. We will compare films to their source material and examine aspects such as historical context, characterization and dramatization from written word to screen.

Film club meets every two weeks at 13:15 in the library. All are welcome!

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