Book Club

Book club is all about students, who love books, getting together and talking about books. At each club meeting, we pick a read together book for two weeks before coming back and sharing our thoughts, experiences and feelings about the book. Book club gives students a chance to talk about their love for reading as well as make new friends across different year groups, get recommendations on what to read next and be inspired to read more.

Every few weeks, we also do a ‘bring your own book‘ club meeting! Students can choose to bring their favorite books, what they are currently reading or something they read recently to discuss with their peers. This is a great chance for students to reflect on what they have read, why it was so impactful for them and explore literary themes and narratives.

Book Club is divided into two groups: Junior and Senior book clubs. This gives students a chance to get to know other students in different year groups while also offering them a chance to see what others are reading and perhaps challenging themselves to read outside of their usual reading habits.

I hope with Book Club that students will get to read books that they normally wouldn’t read and that they’ll want to read more.

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King