Art Resources

Below is a list of online art resources that you may find useful.

Galleries and Museums

  • Chester Beatty – explore collections and exhibitions. Filter by places, world faiths and materials or techniques.
  • Getty Museum – view exhibitions and collections as well as conservation efforts for the preservation of artefacts.
  • The Guggenheim  – online events, programs and exhibitions as well as a virtual tour of the museum.
  • Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
  • Hugh Lane Art Gallery – virtual tour, online activities and collections from the gallery.
  • The Louvre – search the Louvre collection to view paintings, sketches and media on your selected artwork.
  • The Met – exhibitions, events and articles. The Met also offer an online learning service called ‘art at home‘ from home centre where you can learn more about art by reading, listening and watching different media.
  • Musée d’Orsay – search the gallery collection by work or artist.
  • National Gallery of Ireland – view the full collection of artwork and sculptures found in the gallery here.
  • National Gallery of London – virtual tour of Renaissance masterpieces and the Sainsbury Wing.
  • Rijksmuseum – Explore the collection of work and take a virtual tour.
  • Sistene Chapel – virtual tour of the Sistene Chapel.

Media, Projects and Programmes

Video and TV Series