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St Joseph of Cluny Library

Summer Reading Challenge

Inspired by Book Riot’s Read Harder 2019

You can download and print off our Reading Challenge form, keep track of your reading on social media or just make note of it privately. We hope you’ll share your reading with us when you come back after the Summer holidays.

We have a challenge for you over the summer holidays.

Many of us love to read the same type of books over and over again. We often go back to the same section in the bookshop or library each time we pick a new book to read. And there is nothing wrong with this! But you might be missing out on your next favourite book! We’re inviting you to take a step outside your comfort zone and try our Summer Reading Challenge.

The aim is to tick every prompt on the list. This way, you will (hopefully!) be able to find some new and exciting new books

You can interpret these prompts however you wish! A ‘book’ can be a biography or autobiography, a book of poetry or a novel in a genre of your choice. You can tick multiple prompts with one book. For example, you might have a nonfiction book with a cover you dislike, or a book of letters featuring a journey!

Do you think YOU can check every box on this list?

  • A book featuring letters or a diary
  • A book of Historical fiction (realistic or alternative History)
  • A book by an author from a country in Africa, Asia or South America
  • A book in a genre you have not read before
  • A book set in the USA
  • A nonfiction book
  • A book with a person’s name in the title (any first name, nickname or surname is acceptable)
  • A poetry book (or a novel in verse)
  • A book which has won a prize
  • A book written by an Irish woman
  • A book written before you were born
  • A book recommended to you by someone else
  • A book with a cover you dislike
  • A story, biography or memoir featuring siblings
  • A world you would like to visit

Keep track of your reading and let us know how you got on when you come back after the summer holidays.