Britannica Research Guide

What is Britannica?

Encyclopedia Britannica is an online resource filled with facts, information and links to help guide students and teachers in their research and learning. Through use of detailed fact pages and external links, Britannica may be a helpful starting point for your research or a resource to gather additional verifiable information.

Tailored for all users and age groups, Briannica also has a version for kids and visual dictionary resources available.

The Research Guide

Britannica have released a very helpful guide on conducting research aimed at learners. This guide breaks the process of starting and completing a research project or piece in easy to follow steps. Using exercises and examples, this guide can help learners move from creating their ideas to executing a project plan or assignment.

This guide also includes helpful worksheets which may assist in planning and drafting research questions and key points.

Also included at the end of this guide is tips and tricks for taking meaningful and clear notes. Note taking is an essential skill for all to have, regardless if it is for school, college or work – having clear notes will always be clear.

Accessing the Guide

The full guide is available to view on the Britannica website or by clicking the following link: Research Guide for Learners.

If you would like to explore Britannica further, here is a link to their website: Encyclopedia Britannica.