Cluny Library Mock Election

To commemorate 100 years of the women earning the right to vote, I organised a mock election in Cluny Library where six authors were the candidates. Each house in Cluny was assigned an author and House Captains had to encourage students in their houses to campaign as much as they could for their respective authors.

Mock Election - House Captains

Mock Election – House Captains

The purpose of the exercise was to promote reading and help students learn the concept of campaigning for an election and voting. I choose authors that covered different genres from Fantasy to Vampires to expose the students to different types of books. During the first stage of the campaign all students were invited to read the first chapter of books from each of the six authors during English class. After this students created campaign posters that were posted around the school.

Mock Election Voting

Mock Election Voting

Mock Election - Ballot Sheet

Mock Election – Ballot Sheet

On the morning of March 22nd the six house captains showed their brilliant and highly entertaining campaign videos to the whole school before all students came up to the library to vote. Special ballot sheets were prepared for each student and each ticked their name off the registrar of electors as they voted. Even Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor came along to vote.

Mock Election - Counting the votes

Mock Election – Counting the votes

Thank you to all the House Captains and Vice-Captains for all your help and hard work and congratulations to Cathy Cassidy on being the winning author.

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