Cluny Library isn’t simply about being a random collection of books but rather it’s a hub where different events and activities can take place. The library is a place for all students not just those who like to read.

Alongside the opportunity for student to come to the library during lunch and breaktimes to read and have time to reflect or relax, the library is a dynamic space which also offers lots of activities on a weekly basis.

Each week, book club, film club and games clubs take place here. Throughout the term, the library also welcomes guest speakers and workshops and themed weeks. These themed weeks include exhibitions, quizzes, decorations and lots more with the help of the TY Library Committee.

The library is a space for everyone that meets a variety of needs. Here in the library we promote reading for fun alongside lifelong learning. Through our events, we hope to merge these two areas to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for all.