Events & Activities

I once read a great quote that said “to build a library is to create life it’s never just a random collection of books” (Carlos María Domínguez).

Cluny Library isn’t simply about being a random collection of books but rather it’s a hub where different events and activities can take place. I believe the library is a place for all students not just those who like to read. This is why I organise weekly activities like book clubs, puzzle of the week plus there’s a doodle board where students can write or scribble to their hearts content.

At least once a term, I have an event/themed week which usually involves an exhibition, quiz and the library being decorated. I take a holistic approach and, where possible, make each themed week cross-curricular by linking in with various subject departments.

I have two simple goals for all my themed weeks: 1. students have fun and 2. they learn something new.