Christmas at Cluny

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I love getting into the spirt of Christmas at Cluny Library. It’s a wonderful time of year and so I try to bring some of the festive cheer into the library. I love decorating it, in the past I’ve done Winter Wonderland and Dickensian themes. It’s all about making the library a fun place. Each year I have an Advent Calendar quiz, where students have to answer a different question each day. I also wrap a load of books and pop them in a Santa sack. Students can choose one of the Christmas mystery books to borrow. Christmas Mystery Books have been really successful. They expose students to new books, it could get them to read a book they wouldn’t normally read and best of all each student who borrows a mystery book gets a chocolate treat. Under the direction of the English teachers 1st years take part in a Christmas Performance each year. It could be a take on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol or Santa Behind the Scenes. Whatever the play has been or will be it always is a festive treat to watch each year.