Halloween at Cluny Library

Halloween Decorations, Quizzes and More!

With Halloween just around the corner, the library committee decorated the library in a truly spooky fashion with cobwebs, skeletons and even a graveyard to greet anyone who enters. Check out our scary book displays too! Both feature classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein alongside some newer contemporary scary stories like Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls.

To celebrate the week, we held a spooky Halloween quiz for first years. Questions ranged from the origins of Halloween to Halloween in popular culture. The students loved testing their knowledge in teams! At the end, they got the chance to browse the shelves for books to read over midterm and check out the scary decorations.

We also ran an #Inktober competition for all students to enter. #Inktober is a popular online art trend which occurs every October. Artists all around the world try to produce a drawing or piece based on a prompt list daily. For our #Inktober, we invited students to create a piece of creative writing, painting, drawing or make something inspired by one of the following prompts:

  • Raven
  • Spirit
  • Time

The winner for this competition will be announced tomorrow!

For anyone looking for some suggestions on what to read, we also put together a reading list which includes some horror and supernatural themed stories. To read more about our themed list, please visit: Halloween Reading List.

To read more about what other horror and supernatural genre stories we have available in the library, please visit our Goodreads.

Halloween Decorations Gallery

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