Harry Potter book display

Harry Potter Week 2022

A week of mischief, magic and more!

We have come to the end of our second annual Harry Potter week here at Cluny library. We were delighted to bring back our displays of 3D printed wands at Olivander’s Wand shop, finding all 12 of the flying keys for the Philosopher Stone and lots more! Students loved seeing the 3D printed wands and trying to name the witch or wizard they belonged to.

The TY library committee were busy making decorations for the week, from Hogwart’s house themed ties to making a Marauder’s Map, we had lots of wonderful decorations around the library. The House sigils made by last years committee also decorated our walls. Our suggested reads for Harry Potter fans as well as a Harry Potter book display were also ready for all who attended. If you’d like to see what Wizarding World books we have, please visit our Goodreads.

We also ran two raffles this year – which Patronus do you have and which Hogwarts house do you belong to. Our lucky winners are Ciara (1W) and Teresa (3Y). Well done! They received Harry Potter wand pens as their prizes.

Over the week, students took part in a Harry Potter trivia quiz where students got the chance to show their knowledge of the books and films alike!

At lunchtime, we also watched the third Harry Potter film – the Prisoner of Azkaban.

We hope everyone enjoyed the week of events here at Cluny and are excited for next years events! Mischief managed!

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To see our display from last year, why not visit our blog post from last year’s Harry Potter week.

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