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House Reading Challenge 2022

The House Reading Challenge 2022

Congratulations to St. Lucia who won the House Reading Challenge 2022! Together, they read over 23,000 pages during the challenge time. Well done to all teams who took part. As a school we read 233 books and over 80,000 pages! Wow! We hope you are all looking forward to our next reading challenge.

To find out more about what this challenge was, read the below!

What is the House Reading Pledge?

Each House will take part in a reading challenge to read the most pages. Over the course of this term, each House will create a team consisting of the House Captains, house members and members of staff. These teams will read as much as they can and record the total number of pages they have read over this time period. There will be a team member for every year in each team. Teams are made up of 25 people but for every extra person who joins, points will be awarded.

The first sprint starts on Monday the 17th of January until Wednesday the 16th of March. The total number of pages read by each House will be totaled to reveal who is in the lead. The House in the lead at this point will be awarded House points and may even be given a prize….!

The second sprint then starts on Monday the 21st of March with teams having a chance to change to new members. The second sprint lasts until the end of term. Whoever has the most points by the end of this term will be the overall winner!

We hope everyone enjoys this challenge! We are looking forward to it.

Any Questions?

If you are not sure what to read or have any questions, please let me know by emailing

Not sure what to read next?

Check out our Goodreads to see what we have in our collection here at the library. You can also look at our recommended reading lists for students here on the library website.

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