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Inspiring Women from Irish History Week

Inspiring Women from Irish History Week Details 

Last year we held the history of animation week here in the library. With themed displays and events, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! This year we decided to do something a little different with inspirational women from Irish history. Throughout the decades there have been women who have done incredible feats, some more known then others. It is hoped that through this week, we can raise awareness for all the fantastic women who have come before us and helped shaped the world we know today.

From the 28th of November until the 2nd of December, this display was accessible for students and staff.

Inspirational Women Biographies

Three display boards were created in the library to display images and biographies for each selected figure. There were a total of 26 biographies researched and collated into the display ranging from scientists, naturalists, fashion designs and revolutionaries. The earliest biography was Mary Edgeworth, an acclaimed author from Edgeworthstown in County Longford, who was born in 1768. The biographies continued throughout the years to modern day with figures including international athlete and record breaker Sonia O’Sullivan, first president of Ireland Mary Robinson and charity founder Christina Noble.

TY Library Committee Posters

In preparation for the week, our TY library committee members researched and selected a woman from Irish history that they found inspirational. Working together, students created fantastic informative posers which included images and information about their selected figures. Well done to all of our committee for their hard work! Figures selected included Vicky Phelan, Grace O’Malley, Constance Markievicz, Mary Robinson, Rosie Hackett and Dr. Kathleen Lynn. You can see their posters in the gallery below.

Test Yourself Questions

Test your knowledge with a selection of true or false questions designed from our display boards!

  • Sybil Connolly designed clothes for many famous figures including Jacqueline Kennedy and Julie Andrews.
  • Grace O’Malley was a fabled Pirate Queen of Ireland.
  • Mary McAleese was the first female president of Ireland.
  • Rosie Hackett has a bridge named after her in Dublin.
  • Dr. Kathleen Lynn was a revolutionary figure who took part in the 1916 Rising but also founded St. Ultan’s hospital for children, the first children’s hospital in Ireland.
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