Finding the right book

The great thing about loving to read is it’s never too late to start. Even if someone doesn’t like reading right now, enjoyment or a love for reading can develop at any age. I believe that everyone can enjoy reading, it just takes the right book. It is possible that those who do not enjoy reading just haven’t found a book that catches their attention, includes themes or characters that interest them. Finding the right book can be hard, but when it is found, it can ignite a love for reading. It is all about knowing where to start.

For reluctant or hesitant readers, start with the kinds of TV and movies you like. Do you like crime shows or show with magic? Are you a fan of Marvel movies or period dramas like Downton Abbey? Each of these genres can all be found in books. If you are a Harry Potter or Enola Holmes fan for example, why not try reading the books they are based on as a starting place.

Another way is to start small. This could mean shorter books or setting yourself reading goals. This could be to read at least 10 minutes a day. This reading time could be on your way to school on the bus, after dinner or whenever you have time. Over time, if you are meeting your 10 minute goal, you could gradually extend this to create the habit of reading and designated reading time.

This all leads to the question though, how can you find the right book to start with, next series to dive in to or wanting to try something completely different.

To help you, we have put the following helpful tips together for you.

1. Ask a friend

Asking a friend can be a great way to find some suggestions for reading and also getting to know people. Asking what someone is reading and having a bookish conversation can be a great insight and chance to find out what your preferred genres of book might be. If you are not sure what to read, always ask a friend.

2. Browse in a bookshop/library

This is the time tested old fashioned way of finding a book. Libraries and bookshops will have young adult and teen sections where you might find something you’d like. If you are ever struggling to navigate a bookshop or library, ask a staff member or librarian. They will be able to show you where you can find resources you are looking for and may even be able to make some recommendations for you!

Bookshops and libraries will also often have themed displays throughout the year, including staff recommendations or book club recommendations.

3. Check for recommendations online

There is an abundance of websites from blogs and reviews to free e-books. Here’s a list of some of the websites that might whet your appetite for reading.

4. What do you like to watch?

As mentioned above, think about what movies and TV shows you like to watch. What are the characters, themes and genres of these? If you play video games, you might also consider the same question. Why not try reading something of a similar genre?

5. Try something new

If you usually read one genre, why not try something new? For example, if you are a fan of mysteries why not try a story with magical realism?

You could also try a classic like Dickens. These books might be hard to read as they use formal or older forms of written language but tell wonderful stories. If you’d like to challenge yourself and experience some of the most famous stories of the literary world, why not give these a try?

6. Reading lists and challenges

Reading lists and challenges can be found everywhere online but why not check our library reading lists? These are divided by year group and themes. We hope you find these helpful!