James Bond Murder Mystery Week

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In March 2014 I organised a Murder Mystery Week in the library.

The idea was to promote murder mystery books in the library but also to boost student’s problem solving and logic thinking skills in a fun way. The theme of the murder was that James Bond was shot in Bern, Switzerland and four teachers Mr Hartigan, Mr Browne, Mr Byrne and Mr Twomey were all suspects.

I set up a crime scene in the library, including do not cross crime scene tape, a body outline and a messed up looking living room to add some colour and effect. I will admit I went very CSI when I set the scene up and enjoyed every minute of it.

Students who took part got a Top Secret Envelope which included an Evidence Notebook, A Scotland Yard Police Report, A Cluny Times Newspaper article, A Morse Code Message and Combination Lock Code. Students had to work out from various clues what each suspect was wearing and what time they arrived in Bern. To access the second set of clues students had to solve a clue to open the combination of a briefcase. Inside this briefcase was a classified envelope containing an extract from James Bond’s Journal. With this set of clues students had to read the blurbs from several books and work out the final part of the mystery.

The best detectives had worked out Mr Byrne was the culprit and were entered into a draw for an Easter egg. Of course, thankfully this was all make belief and both Mr Byrne and James Bond are still going strong.

“Why is it that people who can’t take advice always insist on giving it?”

James Bond, Casino Royale.

James Bond front page article.

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