Numeracy Week

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I organised a Numeracy Week in the library from 27th February to the 7th March 2014. 

Examples of some of the activities that students could partake in were: calculating basketball stats, estimating the number of sweets in a jar, measuring the size of the school and calculating the cost of a recipe (where the winner won a lasagne cooked by our very own Mrs Wolohan!). There was also an exhibition, of which there was a quiz, a giant chess set in the library, Cluny lotto and a Harry Potter Venn Diagram.

To encourage students to take part, I had a number of small prizes available such as mini-radios, ear phones, pencils, bookmarks, electronic book lights etc. To win a prize a student had to partake in an activity. When they had the activities completed they could draw a capsule from a raffle drum. Each capsule had a prize listed in it and students could claim their prize from the behind the desk. The idea of the raffle drum was to add a little fun to the week and hopefully students learnt something along the way.

It’s not that I’m so smart. It’s just that I stay with problems longer.

Albert Einstein.

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