Research Workshops

Today, we started delivering research workshops for the senior history students here at Cluny.

Research is an essential part of life – be it for an assignment, essay, class project or even just to see when the next Dublin bus to town is! The process of researching is a life skill that is developed and nurtured over time.

As part of these workshops, we introduce students to key questions they should ask whenever they are evaluating or using information – both online and offline. These key questions include:

  • Who is the author?
  • Where is it published?
  • How current is it? When was it published?
  • Was it peer reviewed?
  • When was it last updated?
  • Is it biased?

By asking these questions, we hope that students can find reliable, credible and validated information to use online. Watch out for misinformation, disinformation, clickbait and exaggerated content – particularly online. Sensationalised content (or exaggerated content) can be found across the internet. Over time you will come to know what information is true and false just through asking the above questions.

If you are searching for information for a project and aren’t sure what to look for or where to start, don’t forget you can always call into the library! We have lots of useful texts here and Ms. Curtin can help you identify trustworthy and reliable scholarly sources for your research.

Good sources of scholarly information include:

  • Academic textbooks and chapters
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Conference proceedings, presentations and reports
  • Institution catalogues (such as UCD library, DCU library, TCD library etc.)
  • Case studies
  • Professional periodical (such as the British Medical Journal)
  • Databases (such as the Census website)
  • Journal repositories (such as JSTOR)
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Government publications

Don’t forget to check what is available in your local library when researching. You may also want to consider doing an inter-library loan if you are looking for hard to get information. Another excellent source for information is Google Scholar, why not try this site out too?

We also have infographics available on all of the above. These are available here on the library website.

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