Podcasts of interest to students and teachers on a variety of topics.

NB: We would advise teachers review individual episodes of all podcasts before recommending to students to determine their suitability.

Educational Podcasts

Literary Podcasts

  • Mindful Heaney – readings of Seamus Heaney’s poetry with mindfulness and reflection.
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – a deep exploration of themes, narratives and concepts from the best-selling and beloved Harry Potter series.
  • The Hamlet Podcast – 10-minute episodes that analyse and explore the works of Shakespeare.
  • The Penguin Podcast – award-winning bi-weekly interview series which invites authors to explore their literary lives through some of the objects that have inspired their work.
  • The Happy Writer Podcast – author Marissa Meyer interviews other authors on how we can overcome various obstacles and bring more joy to our writing process.
  • The Story Seeds Podcast – award winning authors interview children and tweens for their story ideas and then write said story.
  • Start With This – creators of the popular podcast ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ explore how to start, edit and produce excellent pieces of creative writing including novels, plays and screenplays. Each episode features activities for listeners to try at home.

Podcasts for Older Students

  • Dear Hank & John – podcast by author John Green and Hank Green.
  • Stuff you should know – podcast with episodes ranging from 15 minutes to an hour on a wide variety of topics, from history to health.
  • Radiolab – a science podcast for adults and teens alike which breaks down scientific concepts, experiments and theories.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class – from the memorable to the strange, this podcast explores some of the most interesting and bizarre occurrences in world history.
  • Casting the Net – A WebWise youth-led podcast about life online and the effects it can have on teenagers today.

Podcasts for Teachers