Summer Reading

Summer Reading Challenge 2022

What is the Cluny Summer Reading Challenge 2022?

Starting this month, we are delighted to announce our next reading initiative. Over the summer, we would like to challenge you to a reading challenge. For this, you must read a book that meets one of each criteria listed below. You then record the name of the book and author you read, which prompt it meets and if you like, a star rating out of five for how much you enjoyed it.

Reading challenges like these can be a great way to try and read books you normally wouldn’t. For example, if you only read science fiction, trying to read a spy novel or historical fiction piece may come as a change of pace but also a chance to come across a new genre you might love!

Through broadening your reading choices, you can increase your enjoyment for reading and also try new and exciting things!

Now, onto what you are looking for; the reading prompt list!

The Reading Prompts

  • Read a memoir
  • Read something by an Irish author
  • Read a science fiction novel
  • Read a spy/detective novel
  • Read an award winning book
  • Read a historical fiction novel
  • Ask someone for a book recommendation and then read that book
  • Read a book featuring royalty
  • Read a book featuring magic or magical realism

A graphic version of the prompt list can be found here: Cluny Summer Reading Challenge 2022.

Looking for some inspiration? Why not have a look at our recommended reading lists or check out our Goodreads?

And the winners are…!

Well done to Grace Watson, Niamh Sheehan and Ava Daly who successfully read something that matched each prompt. They dropped in their fantastic reading lists into the library. Thank you for taking part and we hope you enjoyed reading different genres!

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