Summer Reading Challenge

Irish Author Challenge

This summer we would like to challenge you to read as many books by Irish authors as you can! We have a history and tradition of amazing literature and now is the time to celebrate and explore it.

We would like you to create a list of book titles and Irish authors you read between May and August.

There will be prizes for the student who has read the most in her year group! Prizes will be awarded to whoever read the most in first, second, third, TY and fifth year!

Why not try reading something by Sarah Webb, Deirdre Sullivan or Cecilia Ahern? Looking for some fantasy or science fiction – try Dave Rudden or Derek Landy? Thinking more classical – try Oscar Wilde, James Joyce or W.B. Yeats. So many options!

How do I enter?

All lists should be sent to before the end of August to take part!

Looking for more information?

The event poster is available here.