Read Irish Women with the Cluny Library

In April, Instagram user @Bookaneer808 (also on Twitter as @Jabberwocky888) set other users a reading challenge: to name 30 Irish women writers during the month of April, ideally a book they had read. The hashtag is #ReadIrishWomenChallenge. The goal was to promote Irish Women Writers and to remind fellow users just how many wonderful, talented authors, poets and playwrights we have from this isle. All month, social media users were flooding their feeds with their favourite authors new and old. In Cluny Library, we are lucky to have a huge selection of books written by Irish women. These cover genres as diverse as Romance, Mystery, Crime, Horror, Humour and Young Adult Fiction – and so many more. We also have books written specifically for younger teens – we have a great selection of Claire Hennessy […]

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